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VC Dome 3 [Pink | Medium]

VC Dome 3 [Pink | Medium]

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Mono eye lenses / sensor detail parts

VC Dome 3 replaces previous versions [ VC Dome & VC Dome 2] and has new size specifications and quantity.

VC Dome 3 is a dome-shaped part for improving details.

  • The colored resin is treated like an optical coating, and thanks to the vivid reflected light that is rich in color change and the foil processing for reflection on the back side, it strongly insists on its existence even though it is a small part.
  • In addition, the reflected light has a slight color change, which has the effect of increasing the sense of depth.
  • The height and diameter are designed according to our SP / HD plate, therefore, in the case of plate parts of other companies, the size may not fit and it may not fit, in which case, modifications such as enlarging the hole is required.
  • For fixing to the plate, it is recommended for Cemedine High Grade model.
  • If you want to use superglue, use one that has no/low whitening

Size M Content [in diameters]:

  • 2.5mm × 5
  • 3.0mm × 5
  • 3.5mm × 5
  • 4.0mm × 5

[ ! ] Detail parts can be extremely small. Please keep out of reach of children.

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