Private Warehouse

The "Private Warehouse" feature is now available for all domestic (within Canada) orders. This feature allows you to store your purchases with us for up to 45 days before shipping it out. Leverage this feature to save on shipping costs by putting an order in the private warehouse and combining it with your future purchases.

 [ ! ] When using the "Private Warehouse" feature, it is strongly suggested that you have an account with us with fixed contact information. This will minimize human errors by eliminating the possibility of you entering different addresses for your purchases

Please see below our policy on the "Private Warehouse" feature

  • All orders with "Private Warehouse" selected as the delivery method will be stored with us in the private warehouse for up to 45 days

  • Once 45 days have passed since the placement date of the first order in your private warehouse, all orders in the private warehouse will be shipped. [Preorder placed with "Private Warehouse" selected will be treated as if the product was purchased on the date that it arrived]

  • If you wish for your order to be stored in the private warehouse, the option must be selected at checkout. Orders with standard delivery selected will be shipped regardless of the current status of your private warehouse

  • When you wish to ship the items in your "Private Warehouse", simply send us an email at with "Private Warehouse Shipping Request" in the subject line. Prior to shipping your orders, you will be asked to pay the corresponding flat rate shipping cost for your region should the aggregate value of your orders fall short of our free shipping minimum of $350

  • Once all orders in your private warehouse have been shipped, your next order with "Private Warehouse" selected can be stored with us for another 45 days

  • [ ! ] Orders exceeding 45days in the private warehouse will be cancelled and refunded less a 15% restocking fee
Situations where the "Private Warehouse" feature proves useful
  • Shipping cost is significant relative to the overall order value
  • Securing an item that you're not in desperate need of
  • Hesitating on part of your order, this will give you time to decide while securing the items you want first
  • You have a preordered item arriving within the next 45 days and you would want to save on shipping [For preorders placed before our "Private Warehouse" feature was available, please send us an email instructing the preorder to be combined]

Should there be any ambiguities in our "Private Warehouse" policy, please reach out to


ShokuninGunpla Team