All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Prices (Especially on model kits) are subject to periodic adjustments based on variable costs associated with importing the kits, most often shipping costs

Bandai Model Kits with damaged boxes are listed as an option in the product page and are typically subject to various degrees of discounts. Our definition on box conditions are listed below:

  • Fine Boxdoes not mean that the box is in perfectly shiny and brand new condition, although it could be the case. Boxes with one or two minor imperfections are also considered Fine.

  • Box Damaged - Minor: Boxes that have several minor but "noticeable at a glance" imperfections are listed with this option. These imperfections includes scratches and minor dentations

  • Box Damaged - Mild: Boxes with several obvious imperfections but still managed to keep its overall shape and the box art

  • Box Damaged - Severe: Boxes with major imperfections including severe deformation due to crushing or pressure applied otherwise

Note: All of the kits we sell, whether listed with box damage or not, are inspected to ensure runner completeness. Kits with damaged runners are kept within the studio for ourselves. 

Note: We guarantee box conditions are as stated when shipped and are not responsible for damages to the box during the shipping process.