Bandai Box Condition

Gunplas are manufactured in Japan and thus it's very hard to guarantee box conditions during the shipping processes. Certain P-Bandai kits were released years ago and therefore also not possible to guarantee box conditions.

  • With the above being said, our team checks every kit manually and if the damages to the box are severe, it will be noted in the product's name and sold at a discount.
  • Minor defects such as minor creasing or dents are not considered damaged box.

Note: All of the kits we sell - whether listed with box damage or not - are inspected to ensure runner completeness. Kits with damaged runners are kept within the studio for ourselves. 

Note: We guarantee box conditions are as stated when shipped and are not responsible for damages to the box during the shipping process.

Note: Only Bandai model kits with damaged boxes are sold at discounts. The discount on damaged boxes do not apply to products other than Bandai scale model kits.