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Uniformity Cutter

Uniformity Cutter

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Parallel Cutter from Gaianotes

Convenient cutter to cut masking tape and plastic board with uniform width

The width can be changed freely by inserting a spacer

  • A tool that cuts masking tape (sheets) and plastic plates to a uniform width by fixing two cutter blades
  • Cut so that the force is evenly applied to the two blades.
  • It is recommended to lay down a hard mat such as glass.

It is possible to widen the width by sandwiching the attached spacer (1mm width per sheet).

  • It is 1mm wide with no spacers

You can also adjust the width of subtle size by making your own spacer

  • Maximum width is 10mm


  • Body x 1
  • 1mm width spacer x 2

Replacement blades for uniformity cutters and cutter blades for plastic plates sold separately

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