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Tungsten Steel Alloy Chisel [Wooden Handle]

Tungsten Steel Alloy Chisel [Wooden Handle]

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Blade Width

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HZT X 142 Studio

Chisel used in scribing/broaching details on model kits

3rd Gen HZT Tungsten Steel Alloy Chisel installed on handles made from natural wood

Blade width engraved at the end of the handle


  • Wooden handle comes in waxed, not prone to mold/cracking/mushrooms under normal usage
  • The installation processes of the chisel blades onto the handles were carried out manually and in some cases may not be perfectly perpendicular. Minor deviations will not affect the chisel's performance
  • Chisel blades can be cleaned using common methods. Will not rust unless exposed to corrosive substances


Scribing tutorial by 142 Studio below. Video is in Chinese with English subtitles

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