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Seamless Auxiliary Clamps

Seamless Auxiliary Clamps

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Mini Clamps for holding parts together

Typically used for applying pressure on the cemented surface after applying cement to two plastic parts

Creating seamless surfaces

  • 1. Apply cement at the two surfaces between two parts
  • 2. Squeeze the parts together, ideally forcing out small amounts of melted plastic
  • 3. Apply clamps onto the parts 
  • 4. Wait for the parts to cure
  • 5. Carefully sand down the residue 
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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas R.

What more needs to be said? I've now gotten well over 40 clamps. They are cheap, effective, and very handy! The only gripe I've got with them is that the rubber pad with the glue sometimes shifts when the angle is too harsh, but they are easy to re-seat. I've never had a clamp break or have any other issues!