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SDW Heroes Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam

SDW Heroes Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam

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Non-Scale Bandai Standard Deformed Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 17th, 2021

From "SD Gundam World Heroes", which is scheduled to start anime worldwide from April 2021, Sergeant Verde Buster Gundam with a distinctive face design has appeared!

  • The mask with clear parts and slits is reproduced with a combination of color-coded parts and stickers
  • "Justice lock" (handcuffs) is always equipped on the front armor and can be removed to become a hand-held weapon
  • "EXT-Magnum LB" (gun) can be equipped on the left hip
  • You can ride the "SD Sangoku Soketsuden Trinity Bike (sold separately)"! 
  • The L-shaped parts inside the frame support the motorcycle riding posture


  • Handgun (EXT-Magnum LB) x 1
  • Handcuffs (Justice Lock) x 1
  • Foil sticker x 1
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