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SD Versal Knight [Awakening] Resin Conversion Kit

SD Versal Knight [Awakening] Resin Conversion Kit

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SD Resin Conversion Kit

This is a Resin Conversion Kit that will require sanding and fixing of certain parts within the kit

Intended for Experienced Modelers

This Kit Includes:

  • SD Versal Knight [Dragon Awakening] Resin Conversion Kit

  • Shield Expansion Pack

[ ! ] This kit requires the

  • Bandai SD BB Knight Gundam or 
  • Bandai SD BB Versal Knight Gundam

for assembly. These kits are not included and must be acquired separately.

[ ! ] This kit consists solely of unpainted resin parts. Painting is required in order to reproduce the product as shown in the images

[ ! ] Resin dusts are toxic. A mask must be worn at all times when sanding resin materials

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