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SD Sangoku Soketsuden Long Xian Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam

SD Sangoku Soketsuden Long Xian Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam

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SD Bandai Model Kit

Release Date: April 2021

  • This is a posable, injection-plastic kit of a character or mobile suit from the Gundam universe.
  • Bandai expands its SD Gundam model kit lineup with more characters based on "Sangokushi"! They feature improved proportions and redesigned head and body joint structures for dynamic poses; they also look better than ever once assembled thanks to their full-color parts!
  • Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam can be combined with Zhuge Liang, Huang Zhong, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Kanu Unchou, and Zhang Fei (all sold separately)! The Dragon Bullet Blade can be changed to either sword or gun mode, and can be carried on Liu Bei's back; the Makenryu Shield is attached to the shoulder and can be moved with a ball joint. Foil seals are also included. Order yours today!
  • Please note that the first release of this item may be limited, and in some cases it may not be possible to fill all orders at the time of its initial release. Any order not filled at the time of the initial release will be filled by subsequent restocks, but we recommend placing an order as soon as possible for your best chance to receive a piece from the first release!
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