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SD OO-Raiser [BB322]

SD OO-Raiser [BB322]

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BB322 - Bandai SD BB Senshi Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 2009

Introducing the "Double O Raiser" with BB Senshi's original gimmick that brings even more play value!

  • In addition to being able to dock with the O-Riser and 00 Gundam, the BB Senshi's original "Bird Mode", "Fighter Mode", and "Rider Mode" further expand the range of play
  • GN Sword II beam saber mode effect parts are included
  • GN Sword II x 2 In addition, GN Shield II x 2 is included

        Original Japanese Description:


        • オーライザーとダブルオーガンダムがドッキング可能なほか、BB戦士オリジナル「バードモード」「ファイターモード」「ライダーモード」で更に遊びの幅が拡大
        • GNソードIIのビームサーベルモード用エフェクトパーツが付属
        • GNソードII×2のほか、GNシールドII×2が付属
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