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SD Gogg & Acguy & Zock [BB238]

SD Gogg & Acguy & Zock [BB238]

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BB238 - Bandai SD BB Senshi Model Kit

Release Date: August, 2002

Plastic models of Gogg, Acguy, and Zock that appear in "Mobile Suit Gundam"

  • It is the first appearance as a BB Senshi
  • The features of each aircraft are well reproduced, such as Gogg, whose claws can move freely, Acguy, which realizes expansion and contraction of claws with replacement parts, and Zock, which reproduces the design of the front and back

    Original Japanese Description:

    機動戦士ガンダム に登場するゴッグ、アッガイ、ゾックのプラモデル

    • BB戦士としては初登場です
    • ツメが自由に動くゴッグ、差し換えパーツでツメの伸縮を実現するアッガイ、表裏対象のデザインを再現するゾックなど各機体の特徴をうまく再現しています。
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