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Scribing Guide Tape 6mm

Scribing Guide Tape 6mm

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6mm width guide tape from HIQParts for panel line scribing

A transparent guide tape used when performing streak work with streak tools and scribing needles.

  • It cannot be used in narrow places, but the adhesive area is larger than the 3mm width type, so the adhesive strength is improved.
  • It is possible to paste it firmly. Use 3mm for narrow areas and 6mm for wide areas with high adhesiveness. 
  • Since it is transparent, you can carve straight lines without blurring while checking the bottom surface. 
  • It is familiar not only to straight lines but also to corners and curved surfaces, and you can easily work on curved panel lines that were difficult without a guide.
  • It has moderate adhesive strength and can perform work in several places in a row (adhesive strength drops on rough surfaces)

[ ! ] The shape is easily distorted due to the manufacturing process. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat.

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