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Scribing Guide Tape 3mm [Improved Strength]

Scribing Guide Tape 3mm [Improved Strength]

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3mm width ultra strength guide tape from HIQParts for panel line scribing

Features improved tape hardness and adhesive strength

Manufactured in a fluorescent color that is easy to see for models.

  • Since it is a tape that has been strongly adhesively tacked to a thick hard PVC material, it
  • is suitable for streak guideline tape, but it takes time to peel off the release film on the back side because it is not the original use.
  • If it does not come off well, use tapered precision tweezers. This product is for those who are dexterous.
  • It has stronger adhesive strength than the normal version of transparent guide tape (CGT-3MM, etc.), but it will not adhere sufficiently if shavings or sebum remain on the processed surface, so clean and degrease it.
  • Also, due to its strong adhesiveness, the surfacer and paint may peel off when peeled off after use on a painted surface, or adhesive may remain if left on for a long period of time.
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