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SAB Chisels

SAB Chisels

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Chisel Holders sold separately here

Chisel for scribing and rescribing panel lines on model kits

SAMAWANGU :" SAB chisels are made individually by hand rather than a batch machine process for each unit, and it is a product that has undergone many production processes by professional craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience. Through a strict production process, it's made to have superior cutting power, strength, and flexibility. The handle part is made of stainless steel to be hygienic and resistant to corrosion or deformation. The blade part is made of a stronger material than other companies' products, so it has less bending or wobbling, making it more stable in use."

Fits BMC plastic handle [A little tight] 

Review by EA Gunpla

Review by Musasino PLAmodel

Review by JENIC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best panel liners in the game

SAB makes the best standalone panel liners in the game. They're consistent, sharp, and durable. But the best thing about them imo is that the way they're shaped they're super compact but usable, even without a holder, which saves a ton of room and space.

Xiao J.

Great chisel when used with the SAB handle. Definitely worth the price tag.


I can't wait to try these great quality