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Riegel Scribing Needles

Riegel Scribing Needles

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Set of 2

G for straight lines, K for curves

Fits 3mm clamps

Details illustrated in the photos

Description below machine translated, please allow room for error:

  • A scribing needle that can be attached to a pin vise.
  • It is a set of two, a conical kurve that is easy to move in any direction and a quadrangular pyramid gerade that has excellent straight-line stability.
  • Kurve is a conical needle that is easy to move in any direction and is convenient for carving curves.
  • The cutting edge has no directionality, and basically you draw a line using a guide tape.
  • The needle tip is relatively easy to use even for the first time without any habit.
  • Gerade is a needle with excellent straight-line stability.
  • The needle tip is a quadrangular pyramid, and if you can get the hang of it, you can draw a stable and straight line.
  • Also, because it is durable, it can be carved so that it can be sharpened, and it can be used as a streak carving tool with high cutting power.

Set contents:

  • 1 straight line scribing needle [Gerade]
  • 1 curved scribing needle [Kurve]

Shaft thickness: φ3mm

Country of manufacture: Japan

Body material: Special blade steel

Case material: PP

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