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RG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

RG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Real Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: December 2015

Already making its debut in the RG series, it's the Gundam Astray Blue Frame Frame!

"The "Ultimate Mercenary" Gaia Gear wields the Azure Astray."

In the RG series, renowned for its unmatched precision and pursuit of realism at 1/144 scale, the Gundam Astray Blue Frame is recreated in an RG arrangement!

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY," the Gundam Astray Blue Frame is brought to life in the RG series. With RG's unique armor representation and articulation range, the Gundam Astray Blue Frame is thoroughly reproduced!

  • Distinctive large weapons are newly sculpted in RG-compliant fashion, and realistic decals are included with a new design!

Includes the 'M68 Cattus 500mm Recoilless Cannon' with new sculpted parts!

  • The iconic weapon of the Gundam Astray Blue Frame, the 'M68 Cattus 500mm Recoilless Cannon,' is recreated with new sculpted parts following RG standards.
  • It measures approximately 110mm in length at 1/144 scale.
  • The magazine is detachable, and it features an articulated grip for various posing options.
  • Moreover, it can be directly mounted on the waist with a retractable joint.

New design realistic decals!

  • Newly designed realistic decals, including the distinctive Serpent Tail emblem, are included.
  • Foil stickers are used for fine detail representation.

Gaia Gear figure included in the same scale with new sculpted parts.

Includes various weapon and abundant hand parts to accommodate a variety of action poses.

Included armaments:

  • M68 Cattus 500mm Recoilless Cannon
  • Beam Rifle, Beam Saber
  • Shield
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