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RG Force Impulse Gundam

RG Force Impulse Gundam

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1/144 Scale Bandai Real Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 25th, 2020

Introducing the exceptional RG model kit featuring Shinn Asuka's iconic Mobile Suit from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY."

  • Immerse yourself in the world of Gunpla with this high-quality replica that perfectly captures the transformative essence of the MS.

Key Features:

  • Experience the advanced MS Joint system, ensuring precise detailing and dynamic movement for an authentic build.
  • Revel in enhanced color accuracy, thanks to meticulously designed parts separation, showcasing nuanced variations in adjacent armor pieces.
  • Explore the unique interpretation of the Force Silhouette as an "aircraft," boasting RG-level gimmicks, details, and textures, complete with foldable wings.
  • Enjoy independent twisting in the forearm structure and autonomous rotation of the shoulder armor, reducing parts interference.
  • Maximize flexibility with a block-by-block design in the waist area, offering an extensive range of motion.
  • Witness the knee armor moving in perfect sync with leg articulation.
  • Unleash the full potential of your Gunpla collection with a comprehensive set of accessories, including a High-Energy Beam Rifle, Mobile Defensive Shield, Vajra Beam Saber, Folding Razor Anti-Armor Knife, and Silhouette Flyer, complemented by various hand parts for customizable poses.
  • Elevate your Gunpla game with this RG kit, promising both an engaging build experience and a visually stunning representation of Shinn Asuka's legendary Mobile Suit. Upgrade your collection today!
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    Customer Reviews

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    The New Standard

    The RG Force Impulse has leveled up the quality of the RG line. Almost completely colour accurate out of the box, only needing the black details on the eyes and the top of the head visor to be supplemented by stickers or paint. Articulation is top-notch and surface detail is tasteful and not over-the-top. Build experience is engaging as there are a few small pieces you need to keep mind of and intricate connection methods in the torso that provide a satisfying end-result.
    As for things to be cautious of:
    The v-fin parts are EXTREMELY thin and fragile, when posing the head you have to be 100% cognizant of that. Even when cutting the parts off the sprue you must be extremely careful not to damage the part as any torque on the nub may warp the white part of the v-fin.
    The kit also works best with an action base as displaying it grounded does not make for the most flattering display of its proportions (you want aerial poses to make the legs look less bulky).
    Lastly, the forearm swivel's connection is somewhat loose so be sure to check on that and push it back into place when posing the arms.
    Overall, any RG release will have to contend with the level of quality this kit has set.