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RG Expansion Set for God Gundam

RG Expansion Set for God Gundam

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[ ! ] The RG God Gundam is not included

1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Real Grade Model Kit

Release Date: October 2022

The set is completed with various effect parts, including a display stand to support its energy rings on a different display style! The kit also comes with the HGFC 1/144 Fuunsaiki for the God Gundam to ride.

Reproduce the fierce attack scene of God Gundam in the play! RG 1/144 Effect parts and optional parts to enjoy RG 1/144 God Gundam are now available as an expansion set!

Set content

  • Godfinger / Sekiha Tenkyoken / Strike effect parts set
  • Sun wheel display frame
  • Action base (clear color)
  • Display stand
  • HGFC Fuuun Saiki

Explosive heat! Godfinger! Reproduce

  • Dedicated effect parts reproduce the energy wave released when Godfinger is played.
  • Reproduced with sharply shaped clear parts to make it burst out like fire. Directing the details of the whole body with the mold, surface shape, and fluctuation shape.
  • Combined with the included display stand, you can reproduce the image in the play.

Break the stone! Tenshoken! Reproduce

  • Reproduce the image of firing the final mystery stone breaker fist with special clear effect parts.
  • By connecting a dedicated joint part to the chest, it is possible to express the time of energy compression.
  • By combining with the display stand, you can reproduce the shooting image. The emblem of the King of Hearts floating in energy is reproduced with a special marking sticker.

Intense! Strike, smash! Representing the hitting scene>

  • Comes with effect parts that express the image of the attack fired by God Gundam.
  • The fist effect that imagines a sharp blow is expressed with clear color effect parts.
  • Four large and small effect parts are included, and by combining with special joint parts, it is possible to express a fierce continuous attack.

Comes with a frame for displaying the sun and an action base>

  • By attaching the sun wheel attached to the RG God Gundam to the dedicated connection parts
  • Comes with a "display frame" and an "action base" that allow you to enjoy the decorations according to the emission state and pose.
  • The display frame is equipped with a gimmick that slides back and forth. It is possible to express how the sun wheel unfolds according to the scene.
  • You can enjoy a dynamic display in combination with the included clear color action base.

Jinba Ittai! Fengun Saiki is included

  • Fuun Saiki included in "HGFC 1/144 Master Gundam & Fuun Saiki" is included.
  • Enjoy a powerful display by combining with various effect parts!
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