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RG Destiny Gundam [Titanium Finish Ver.]

RG Destiny Gundam [Titanium Finish Ver.]

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1/144 Scale Premium Bandai Real Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: June 1st, 2020

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY," the Destiny Gundam appears in a special Titanium Finish Real Grade variant.

Luxurious Metallic Arrangement

  • A dazzling special version adorned with Titanium Finish and metallic molding colors throughout the body!

Titanium Finish

  • The main color, the white exterior, features a Titanium Finish with a white plating effect.

Metallic Colors

  • Metallic colors are applied to the blue, red, yellow, and gray molding, creating a finish with a sense of weight and solidity.

Combine with the separately sold "Wings of Light" for an impressive display

  • By combining with the separately sold "Wings of Light" extension effect unit, which features hologram processing, the metallic arrangement of this product can be further highlighted.

Unique RG Articulation for bold action poses

Included Armaments:

  • Alondite Beam Sword
  • High-energy Long-range Beam Cannon
  • Anti-beam Shield
  • Solidus Fulgur Beam Shield Emitter 
  • High-energy Beam Rifle
  • Flash Edge 2 Beam Boomerang
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