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RE/100 Guncannon Detector [Z-MSV Ver.]

RE/100 Guncannon Detector [Z-MSV Ver.]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Reborn One One Hundred Model Kit

Release Date: April 2018

MSA-005K Guncannon DT (Z-MSV Ver.) Bringing to life the red-colored Guncannon Detector from "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" MSV in the RE/100 series!

  • From "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" MSV, the Guncannon Detector, a long-range artillery MS developed upon the request of Karaba, is brought to life in the RE/100 series! Reproducing the MSV version's color scheme, head shape, and rifle design!

  • Recreating the MSV version of the mobile suit with new molds! Reproducing the Z-MSV version's mobile suit shape, including the head and leg armor, with some new molds. The red color scheme is reproduced using molded colors.

  • Head: Reproducing the distinctive head shape of the Z-MSV version, including the earmuffs and chin front armor.

  • Waist: Reproducing the inner structure of the side skirts with new parts.

  • Legs: Reproducing the shape of the inner armor below the knees with new parts.

  • Reproducing the shape of the rifle! Reproducing the distinctive rifle base of the MSV version using new parts.

  • Newly designed water-slide decals included! Includes newly designed water-slide decals with markings and caution signs!

  • Reproducing the distinctive artillery pose! The iconic artillery pose of the Guncannon can be reproduced using the deployment gimmick of the sub-arms on the waist section.

Included armament:

  • Beam Rifle

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