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RE/100 Gun-EZ [Ground Type]

RE/100 Gun-EZ [Ground Type]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Reborn One One Hundred Model Kit

Release Date: June 2019

From "Mobile Suit V Gundam: New Mobile Suit Variations," the land combat type of Gun-EZ is brought to life in the RE/100 series!

  • The distinctive shape of the dust-proofed mobile suit is reproduced using new molds!
  • Based on the RE/100 Gun-EZ, the head, torso, shoulders, and other parts are reproduced using new molds.
  • Head The distinctive shape of the land combat type, including the addition of a visor, forehead, vulcan cannons, and antennas, is reproduced with new molds.
  • Torso The shape with additional armor attached to the two-barrel multi-launcher mounted on the upper chest is reproduced with new molds.
  • The hatch parts are colored in red molded plastic to recreate the color scheme.
  • Shoulders Distinctive front ducts are added.
  • Waist The distinctive side armor shape is reproduced using a combination of new molds.
  • Legs The external armor from the calves to the ankles is reproduced using new molds.
  • Details such as dust-proofed thruster vents are added. The sides are equipped with mounts for the Beam Rifle.
  • The distinctive sand color of the land combat type is reproduced using molded colors and parts separation.
  • Newly designed water-slide decals are included!
  • The distinctive markings of the land combat type are reproduced with newly designed water-slide decals.
  • Various armaments of the Gun-EZ are included!
  • A variety of armaments are included, allowing for versatile posing.
  • Beam Saber A fixed armament beam saber. The beam blade can be detached, and the handle can be stored in the right shoulder weapon box.
  • Beam Rifle The beam rifle is the same as the Victory Type.
  • Beam Bazooka The beam bazooka can be mounted on the back of the main body. The grip base is articulated, allowing for various firing poses.
  • Beam Shield The distinctive transparent effect of beam is reproduced using PET material. Furthermore, the ripple pattern on the shield's surface is printed.

Included armaments:

  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Saber
  • Beam Bazooka
  • Beam Shield
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