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RE/100 GP04G-Gerbera

RE/100 GP04G-Gerbera

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1/100 Scale Bandai Reborn One Hundred Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: April 29th, 2015

Reproduce the characteristic Sturm booster on the back.

  • Three boosters are removable. The top two also reproduce the gimmick that connects with the saber rack.
  • The landing skid of the lower booster reproduces storage and deployment by replacing parts. When the skid is deployed, it also functions as a support for the main body to stand upright.
  • A variety of armed parts such as long range rifle, beam rifle, and shield are included.
  • Molded product x 10, foil seal x 1, Tetoron seal x 1, assembly manual x 1

Original Japanese Description:


  • ブースター3本は着脱可能。上部の2本はサーベル・ラックと連結するギミックも再現。
  • 下部ブースターのランディング・スキッドはパーツ差し替えで収納・展開を再現。スキッド展開時は本体直立の支えとしても機能。
  • ロング・レンジ・ライフル、ビーム・ライフル、シールドなど豊富な武装パーツが付属。
  • 成形品×10、ホイルシール×1、テトロンシール×1、組立説明書×1
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