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RE/100 Efreet Schneid

RE/100 Efreet Schneid

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Reborn One One Hundred Model Kit

Release Date: September 2016

Bringing to Life the Ifreet Schneid equipped with 14 Heat Darts!!

  • From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC," the Ifreet Schneid equipped with 14 Heat Darts is commercialized in the RE/100 series. Along with its distinctive weaponry, the MS body shape is thoroughly reproduced! The Giant Buzz is also included!

  • Reproducing the distinctive weaponry! The impressive 14 Heat Darts are reproduced with new molded blades and can be mounted on various armors. The large-sized Giant Buzz is also included.

  • Heat Darts: The shape of the short knives, Heat Darts, which can also be used as throwing weapons, is realistically reproduced. In the kit, there are 4 Heat Darts each for the left and right shoulder armors, 4 on the left arm, and 2 on the rear waist. Each Heat Dart is detachable.

  • Out of the 14 Heat Darts included in this product, 12 are for mounting, and 2 can be used for both mounting and handheld purposes.
  • The showcased photos are painted examples.
  • Giant Buzz: The Giant Buzz, a large weapon with a total length of approximately 180mm, is included as a long-range combat weapon. Dedicated handle parts are also included.

  • Thorough reproduction of the MS body shape! In addition to the changes in the shape of the rear head armor, chest armor, arm armor, and backpack different from the Ifreet Kai, the internal details of the shoulder armor are also reproduced with new designs.

Included armaments:

  • Heat Darts
  • Giant Buzz
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