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RE/100 Efreet Custom

RE/100 Efreet Custom

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1/100 Scale Bandai Reborn One Hundred Model Kit

Release Date: April 23rd, 2016

The popular MS "Ifrit Kai" in games and Gaiden works has finally been made into a kit!

  • Refined parts configuration and high-detailed appearance that are unique to the RE/100 series realize high actionability despite its simple joint structure, bringing out the charm of MS to the fullest.
  • The characteristic heat saber is reproduced with clear parts and can be attached to a backpack!
  • The six-barreled missile pod can be attached and detached with a polycap and shaft, and the angle can be adjusted!

Original Japanese Description:


  • RE/100シリーズならではの洗練されたパーツ構成とハイディテールな外観で、シンプルな関節構造ながら高いアクション性を実現し、MSの魅力が存分に引き出されている。
  • 特徴的なヒート・サーベルはクリアパーツで再現され、バックパックへの装着も可能!
  • 六連装ミサイルポッドはポリキャップと軸による脱着式で角度調整もできる!
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