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RB03 Caution Decal [Blue] [1/100 Scale]

RB03 Caution Decal [Blue] [1/100 Scale]

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[ RB-03 ] [Monochrome]

Extremely precise water slide decals from HIQParts made for 1/100 Scale Kits

Clean prints under magnifying lenses

Water transfer type general-purpose caution decal for mechanical models.

  • The focus is on standard designs that have been stripped of decorations (the accented designs with decorations are included in "RB02").
  • A certain degree of readability is ensured, so please refer to the text description on the blog when choosing a place to put it.
  • The "One Color" series, which uses only one basic color, is ideal for creating a clean image.
  • It is a gloss decal that is "polished" so that the turbidity of the clear coat layer is less noticeable when the gloss finish is applied.
  • If the decal is thin and small, use a brush if it is difficult to work with.
  • Slide the decal with a water-soaked menso brush, and use the brush to absorb the water, making it easier to handle.
Size 110mm x 235mm
Country of origin Japan
Printing method Screen & offset hybrid
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