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Precut Circular Masking Sheet [Medium]

Precut Circular Masking Sheet [Medium]

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Masking Stickers from HIQParts

Masking Sheet precut into circles of various sizes (3.0mm to 4.6mm)

This is a pre-cut seal that enables high-precision circular masking every 0.2 mm. 

  • Easier to use by adopting a sticker that can be used for circular masking and a 2-way method that allows the surplus to mask the surrounding area
  • Fine-tipped tweezers are required to handle the seal
  • Comes in a zipper bag for convenient storage


  • Size:  ~95mm x 160mm

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jeffrey d.W.
    Pretty good, but be aware there’s only one sheet per package

    These are a great idea. I bought multiple sizes for the various models that I’m building (mostly to mask off wheel hubs and tires of aircraft for which I can’t buy masking sets) - anything that’s circular which would otherwise be really hard to cut my own mask for - but be aware that there’s only one sheet per package, which seems kind of wasteful given all the packaging. Also, I’m building two planes in parallel, and because it required two masks per wheel (8 masks total), I have used up almost an entire row already. Don’t get me wrong, for $5, getting only one sheet is still value for money given how much labour it’ll save me. But like I said, given the packaging, it would seem like only a small incremental cost to add another sheet in the bag and then it would probably be a “one and done” purchase.