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Photo Etched Detail Parts GLEP03

Photo Etched Detail Parts GLEP03

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Photo Etched Parts from HIQParts for detailing model kits 

GLEP does not require gateless cutting!

  • 0.3mm thick! 
  • Precision made in Japan

GLEP is a general-purpose photo-etched part for improving detail.

  • There is no gate, so there is no need to worry about distortion when cutting parts! 
  • The photo-etched parts are in his bag sandwiched between the protective sheet and the lower layer sheet
  • Peel off the protective sheet and take it out with tweezers. (If it is difficult to remove, press it slightly with your finger or a toothpick from the back side.) 
  • Glue the photo-etched parts with instant glue
  • Although it is called a gate, bridge is a common name in etching processing

Gillep has no bridges (gates).

  • Therefore, there is no need to use nippers for metal to separate from surrounding support materials.
  • Gate processing of metal parts is time-consuming and delicate parts can cause distortion, but GLEP eliminates this troublesome work!

What's good about 0.3mm thickness?

  • The most commonly seen photo-etched parts for models are those with a thickness of 0.1 mm. 
  • The reason why we made the expensive 0.3mm thick is that we aim to be an "alternative to fine plastic parts". 
  • Therefore, we focus on making it as thick as possible so that the details are not easily damaged even when painted.
  • The depth of the half-etched part is important so that it will not be buried even if it is painted. 
  • The half-etched portion is a groove that covers 50% of the base material, so the thinner the base material, the shallower the half-etched groove.
  • 0.1mm is 0.05mm, 0.2mm is 0.1mm.
  • If the thickness is 0.3mm, the groove depth is 0.15mm.
  • With a thickness of 0.3mm, the details are hard to fill even when painted, and the mold stands out even when inked!
Flange rings Total 62
  • for 1.0mm 10
  • for 1.5mm 14
  • for 2.0mm 10
  • for 2.5mm 9
  • for 3.0mm 7
  • for 4.0mm 6
  • for 5.0mm 6
Discs Total 58
  • for 1.0mm 14
  • for 1.5mm 10
  • for 2.0mm 9
  • for 2.5mm 7
  • for 3.0mm 6
  • for 4.0mm 6
  • for 5.0mm 6

    Country of origin Japan
    Material Stainless Steel
    Size 50mm X 40mm across the sheet

    [ ! ] Photo Etched Parts are EXTREMELY SMALL, please keep out of reach of children


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