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PGU RX-78-2 Gundam

PGU RX-78-2 Gundam

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1/60 Scale Bandai Perfect Grade Unleashed Gundam Model Kit

  • <GUNPLA EVOLUTION LINK SYSTEM> adopts a step-by-step assembly process to create a simulated experience of building a real MS.
  • Design that allows you to experience the evolution of Gunpla by condensing the latest Gunpla technology in each assembly phase, such as "assembly," "movability," "structure," "exterior," and "directing."
  • Adopts the largest insert frame in the history of Gunpla, with a total leg length of about 180 mm. It is a specification that the frame of the whole body that becomes the bone can be assembled at the earliest stage in the history of PG.
  • Movable axes are set at more than 90 locations throughout the body, which is the largest in the history of Gunpla. The fuselage, which uses a core block mechanism, uses a new structure that combines 40 movable axes.
  • Metallic molding color and plated parts are used for the multi-layered truss frame to create four types of metallic feeling.
  • We use various materials such as silver plating, matte plating, chrome plating and other 3 types of secondary processing, metal parts, and newly developed etching seals.
  • Equipped with the largest number of whole body hatch open gimmicks in Gunpla history.
  • Equipped with a new LED unit that creates an operating scene. A new compact RGB 2-lamp type LED light that enables color tone change and a design that maximizes the light-guiding efficiency make both movable and luminous.
  • A very small lighting unit is installed in the 1/60 scale beam saber. The beam blade, which pursues the formulation of molding materials, realizes vivid gradation emission as if the beam was actually output from the base.
  • Pin type lithium battery BR435 (1 for test included) and 2 button batteries [LR41] (sold separately) are required to reproduce the light emission.


  • Beam rifle x 1
  • Beam saber x 2
  • LED beam saber x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Core Fighter x 1
  • RGB 2-lamp LED x 1
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 4 types each
  • Figure x 4 types (Amuro [standing, sitting x 2], Seira [standing])
  • Metal Parts (Vernia) x 2
  • Metal parts (Vulcan) x 2
  • Saber assembly auxiliary jig x 1
  • Pin type lithium battery BR435 (for testing) x 1
  • Magnet unit x 1
  • Metal plate for magnet x 2
  • Marking seal x 1
  • Namer seal x 1 
  • Etching seal x 1
  • Metallic 3D seal x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1
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