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PG ZAKU II [Char Aznable Custom]

PG ZAKU II [Char Aznable Custom]

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1/60 Perfect Grade Bandai Model Kit

Release Date: July 1999

This is a collections model in which the entire exterior of Char's Zaku, on which Char's "Red Comet" is on board, is completely reproduced along with the internal skeleton

  • A Char Aznable figure of the same scale is included to enhance the story
  • The expansion and contraction mechanism of the joint part accurately reproduces the damper etc. linked with the movement
  • It is possible to reproduce the full hatch open by attaching and detaching the external armor, deploying the cockpit hatch, and moving the cockpit seat
  • The power pipe that determines the impression of Zaku has a built-in tightly wound spring, realizing free movement
  • The movable sole improves the ground contact, and the movable waist stabilizes and improves the pose
  • Weapons include Zaku machine guns and heat hawks

Original Japanese Description:


  • 同スケールによるシャア・アズナブルのフィギュアが付属、物語性を高めます
  • 関節部の伸縮機構は可動と連動したダンパー等を精密に再現しています
  • 外部装甲の脱着、及びコクピットハッチの展開、操縦席シートの可動によるフルハッチオープンの再現が可能です
  • ザクの印象を決定づける動力パイプには密巻きスプリングを内蔵し、自由な可動を実現しました
  • 足裏部の可動により接地性が向上、腰部可動とともにポージングを安定・向上させます
  • 武器はザクマシンガン、ヒートホークが付いています
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