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PG Unicorn Gundam Unit-02 Banshee Norn

PG Unicorn Gundam Unit-02 Banshee Norn

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1/60 Scale Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit 

Release Date: September 30th, 2015

The head is equipped with a deformed structure. Magnets are built into the left and right blade antennas to prevent them from opening in unicorn mode

  • In the unchained state, the armor of the whole body is released widely, and the exposed area of ​​​​the psycho frame is maximized. The psycho frame part is mechanically expressed with clear parts
  • Armed Armor XC reminiscent of a giant lion's mane is reproduced with gold molding. Like the main body, the psycho frame part is expressed with clear parts
  • Even in Destroy Mode, the same movable range as in Unicorn Mode is secured. Action poses with bent knees are also possible
  • Equipped with a revolving launcher at the bottom of the beam magnum barrel. Beam Jutte, one of the equipment, is reproduced with clear parts
  • Armed armor DE and beam saber are also included. Armed Armor DE is equipped with a deployment gimmick. It can also be equipped on the back of the main unit
  • Beam Magnum and Revolving Launcher spare magazines can be attached to the back of the waist
  • A display base is included to allow placement of each armament. A dynamic exhibition is possible by fixing the main body with a support that can be expanded and contracted
  • Liddy Marcenas figures (standing and sitting) are included
  • Plastic model original marking sticker is included

Original Japanese Description:


  • アンチェインドの状態では全身の装甲を広範囲に解放し、サイコフレームの露出面積が最大に。サイコフレーム部はクリアパーツでメカニカルに表現
  • 巨大な獅子のたてがみを思わせるアームド・アーマーXCはゴールド成型で再現。本体同様にサイコフレーム部分はクリアパーツで表現
  • デストロイモードでも、ユニコーンモードと同等の可動範囲を確保。大きく膝を曲げたアクションポーズも可能
  • ビーム・マグナムの銃身下部にリボルビング・ランチャーを装備。装備のひとつであるビーム・ジュッテはクリアパーツで再現
  • アームド・アーマーDE、ビーム・サーベルも付属。アームド・アーマーDEは展開ギミックを搭載。本体背部への装備も可能
  • 腰部後ろにはビーム・マグナムとリボルビング・ランチャーの予備弾倉を装着可能
  • 各武装も配置可能なディスプレイベースが付属。伸縮可動する支柱で本体を固定することで、ダイナミックな展示が可能
  • リディ・マーセナスのフィギュア(立ち・座り)が付属
  • プラモデルオリジナルのマーキングシールが付属
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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Kit!

Incredibly cool center display piece, massive unit that looks great when lit up (kosmos LEDs are way better than Bandai if you want light) just make sure you have plenty of room to display him