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PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility

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1/60 Scale Premium Bandai Gundam Model Kit

Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility that appears in the WALL-G special video "Mobile Suit Gundam UC Perfectibility"

Commercialized with the perfect grade that seeks the ultimate expression.

The blue psycho frame is reproduced by clear blue molding and equipped with 5 types of armed armor series.

Blue psycho frame

  • The exterior of the main body is white, and each psycho frame is reproduced by clear blue molding of the light collecting material.
  • By installing an LED unit (sold separately), you can enjoy a light emission expression that has a different impression from the conventional Unicorn Gundam.

5 types of armed armor series. Increased Psycho Frame Weapon "Armed Armor". Armed armor HJ, BS, VN, XC, DE 5 types of armed armor are included.

Armed Armor HJ: The prototype of the Armed Armor series, Hyper Beam Javelin, is reproduced with completely new modeling.

Equipped with various deformation gimmicks from storage form to deployment form.

Big size with a total length of about 600 mm!

Armed Armor BS / VN / XC

Three types of armed armor that Banshee was equipped with.

The psycho frame exposed at the time of deployment is reproduced by clear blue molding.

Armed Armor DE: Armed armor with a stabilizer that the narrative version of Phenex was equipped with.

The arm of the backpack that suspends the DE2 machine is reproduced with new parts.

Equipped with a transformation gimmick, it supports Destroy mode and Unicorn mode.

Water slide decal: Includes water slide decals with new design markings drawn by Hajime Katoki.

Attached armament: Armed Armor HJ / Armed Armor BS / Armed Armor VN / Armed Armor XC / Armed Armor DE / Beam Magnum / Beam Saber

Accessories: Dedicated stand

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