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PG Trans-AM Raiser

PG Trans-AM Raiser

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1/60 Scale Premium Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: June 2017

Recreating in Perfect Grade! Double 0 Raiser "Trans-Am Activated"

  • GN-0000+GNR-010 Trans-Am Raiser Appearing in Perfect Grade to embody its ultimate form.

From "Mobile Suit Gundam 00," the Trans-Am Raiser is commercialized as part of the Perfect Grade series.

  • The metallic molding replicates the image of the Trans-Am activation in the series, and the blade antenna features a coating that seeks to achieve a metallic texture.
  • It comes with a new color LED lighting unit, and a special stand is included.
  • GN DRIVE (GN Drive) The GN Drives on both shoulders feature an LED lighting unit. Compared to the Double 0 Raiser, it emits a bright light in a green color impression.
  • The rotating inner wheel and the leaking light source create a sense of releasing GN particles as depicted in the series.
  • COLOR (Molding Color) The impression of a machine glowing in red is replicated using glossy injection metallic molding colors.
  • The color of the GN condenser parts is also changed and reproduced in a clear green molding.

COATING (Special Treatment):

  • The blade antenna undergoes a matte gold coating process to achieve a deep, metallic texture. It results in a finish with a sense of weight.
  • The blade tip of the GN Sword II is finished with a glossy light pink plating, accentuating its sharpness.


  • A dedicated stand is included to stably display the weighty Perfect Grade model kit in a posed state.
  • The molding color of the stand features a sparkly, light green color to evoke the dispersal of GN particles.
  • The Double 0 Gundam and the Raiser can be separated and combined.
  • They can be displayed simultaneously on the included dedicated stand.

A "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" 10th-anniversary logo seal that can be affixed to the stand is included!

  • Seal size: Approximately 35-40mm (estimated)


  • Water slide decals featuring PG original markings representing the Trans-Am mode are included.


  • Adopts a full-color package. Includes a dedicated instruction manual.

Included Weapons:

  • GN Sword III
  • GN Sword II
  • GN Beam Saber
  • GN Shield

[ ! ] The LED unit is pre-assembled. Additionally, the batteries required for the LED unit to light up are not included. Separate batteries and a (+) screwdriver are necessary. (Head) For GN Condenser: LR41 x 2 (Shoulder) For GN Drive: CR2032 x 2

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