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PG RX-78-2 Gundam

PG RX-78-2 Gundam

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1/60 Scale Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit 

Release Date: November 1998

Everything starts here and reaches here, just the ultimate Gundam perfect grade model

  • The internal mechanisms of the joints such as cylinders are fully reproduced even in conjunction with movement, and the foot suspension can also be moved with springs
  • External armor can be attached and detached and displayed with full hatch open
  • In addition to the internal structure of the core fighter, the transformation-storage coalescing process has also been reproduced
  • The movable parts of the fingers have been completed by system injection
  • Two Amuro figures are included

Original Japanese Description:


  • シリンダー等の関節内部機構は動きへの連動までをも完全再現、足部サスペンションもスプリングで可動します
  • 外部装甲は各部脱着とフルハッチオープンでのディスプレイが可能です
  • コアファイターは内部構造に加え、変形~格納の合体プロセスも再現しました
  • 指の可動部分はシステムシンジェクションにより完成済です
  • アムロのフィギュア2体付属
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