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PG Gundam Exia

PG Gundam Exia

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1/60 Scale Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit 

  • "PG Gundam Exia" regular version is also available!
  • Under the supervision of mechanical designer Kanetake Ebikawa, we focused on the solar furnace "GN Drive", which is the greatest feature, and thoroughly examined the mechanism by which "GN particles" are transmitted to the whole body! The design arrangement and internal frame structure derived from it are embodied!
  • Metallic sticker is adopted, and the light emitting part is expressed by the reflection of light!
  • LED unit is not included with this item.


  • GN Sword x 1
  • GN Shield x 1
  • GN Long Blade x 1
  • GN Short Blade
  • GN Beam Saber x 2
  • GN Beam Dagger x 2
  • Dedicated Display Base x 1

Product Details

  • Molded Product x 40
  • Marking sticker x 1
  • Metallic sticker x 1
  • Silicon sheet x 2
  • Instruction manual x 1
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