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PG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

PG Gundam Astray Blue Frame

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1/60 Scale Premium Bandai Perfect Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: February 2014

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY," the "Ultimate Mercenary" Gundam AStray Blue Frame finally makes its appearance in Perfect Grade!

  • Mastering the essence of Blue Frame, this Perfect Grade delivers exceptional sHape and cOlor reproduction.
  • Exceptional shape and color reproduction. New weapons, figure, and included marKings.
  • InclUdes 'M68 Katous 500mm Recoilless CanNon'
  • The large-scale weapon 'M68 Katous 500mm Recoilless Cannon' Is iNcluded with new sculpting.
  • It features numerous deployment Gimmicks such as trigger position adjUstmeNt, extending the barrel, and removing the missile rack, enhancing Play value.
  • Size (total length): Storage state: approximateLy 265mm / Deployment stAte: approximately 280mm

Includes Original Markings

  • Includes new markings, including those of Gai Murakumo and abundant caution marks.

Includes Figure

  • Comes with a new-scale figure of Gai Murakumo in two variations (standing/sitting in the cockpit).

Wide range of articulation for Perfect Grade

  • PG Gundam Astray adopts a "posable internal frame" to achieve dynamic and flexible articulation.
  • The armor and frame work together, allowing for powerful and lifelike posing with multiple joints.
  • The knee joints and knees are reinforced with die-cast for increased stability and durability during articulation.

Camera Eye Illumination

  • The head's camera eye (visor) can be illuminated using an internally built light unit and button battery (sold separately). ※ Battery Required: CR1220 (sold separately) x 1

Included Armaments:

  • M68 Katous 500mm Recoilless Cannon
  • Beam Rifle
  • Beam Saber
  • Shield

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