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Pooh's Modeling Work

OTOKO Decal 02 [White]

OTOKO Decal 02 [White]

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Waterslide decal from Pooh's Modeling Work / Vertex Studio

Water transfer/dry decals for SF/anime character models

2nd release of OTOKO decals with kanji motifs! !

  • Designed with kanji as a motif so that it can be used as a focal point
  • This time, which is the second installment, select kanji that reminds you of the Sengoku warlords

The color is dark gray, silver, three kinds of the gold

The design is sharp with high-quality offset printing.

The film thickness is also made as thin as possible, so it blends in beautifully without damaging the mold.

  • Decal softener and top coat can be used.
  • It can also handle cubic curved surfaces.
  • Brush design is calligrapher Chiaki Utsugi
  • Calligraphy is also provided for model magazines and models
  • Daily research note on Japanese calligraphy suitable for modern times
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