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ONI Electric Sander

ONI Electric Sander

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Electric Rotary Sander from DSPIAE

Diameter of a compatible grinding head shank : 3mm

Rotation Speed : 5,000 -> 10,000 -> 18,000 RPM for 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears respectively

Power : 10w

Charging Time : 30min for 80% Capacity, 60min for 100% Capacity

Additional Carbide Burr sold separately here

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Customer Reviews

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Useful Rotery Tool

I honestly didn't think this tool would be useful but I wanted to try it as it isn't very expensive. It gets the job done for sanding and grinding down parts and on the plus side the grinders can be used for battle damage. It's good for seamline removal as the marketing advertises this.

My only complaint is that the sanding disk only go up to 1000 grit and not all the way to 2500 grit. I think it should go up to 2500 grit, but technically if another brand does it should stick to the sane base.

I know originally when talking to others about this product they said you should get a real one like Dremel or David Union, but I also was on a budget and wanted something small. This one is small and I like that. I recommend it for sure.