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Model Parts Detacher

Model Parts Detacher

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Parts separator from DSPIAE

Retractable Blade:

  • The product features a retractable blade design.
  • The blade is concealed and operates using a mechanical linkage, allowing for convenient one-touch extend/retract action.
  • This design ensures ease of use and safety.

Push Button Design:

  • The product incorporates a push-button mechanism for blade operation.
  • The push-button design enhances user experience and control during the cutting process.

Designed for Snug-Fit Model Parts and Assemblies:

  • The tool is specifically designed for separating snug-fit model parts and assemblies.
  • It is commonly used for Gundam models and certain glue-free models.
  • The precise design enables efficient and precise separation of model parts without causing damage.

Safety Protection:

  • It is important to retract the blade after each use to prevent accidental injury.
  • Retracting the blade also minimizes the risk of blade damage resulting from accidental drops.
  • Practicing safety measures ensures a secure and hazard-free working environment.

Durable Blade Construction:

  • The blade of the tool is constructed from 420 stainless steel.
  • It is meticulously polished to achieve a mirror-like finish, providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance.
  • The blade's high-quality construction ensures a maintenance-free and extended service life.

    Exquisite Craftsmanship

    [ ! ] Blade contains sharp edge, do not use any part of your body to retract it

    [ ! ] Keep out of reach of children

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