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Mini Photo Etched Parts Bender

Mini Photo Etched Parts Bender

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From DSPIAE - Bending Station for Photo Etched Pieces

During the application of photo-etched parts, a good photo-etched parts bender is a must. 

DSPIAE precision photo etched parts bender can effectively satisfy requirements for the making of various types of photo-etched parts.

Our reimagined mini photo parts bender, smaller than the normal version and more compact

  • Constructed with aluminum alloy stainless steel
  • Beautiful combination of black and red
  • Non-slip mat at the bottom of the bending station ensures a firm grip on the tabletop, avoiding sliding/slipping
  • Aluminum base with a matte finish. Sandblast finish allows its to be scratch-resistant
  • 12 small bending teeth distributed around the bender
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