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MGSD Freedom Gundam

MGSD Freedom Gundam

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Non-Scale Master Grade Super Deformed model kit from Bandai

Release Date: January 21st, 2023

MG technology is integrated into the body of SD Gundam!

  • Freedom Gundam appears from the new dimension SD high-end brand "MGSD", packed with the best movement performance and gimmicks in the history of the SD series, and overwhelming detail expression!
  • Overall height about 115mm. Many parts of the internal frame are equipped with movable gimmicks, realizing smooth movement.
  • The main camera and twin eyes are represented with a dual structure using clear parts.
  • New technology "Real Metallic Gloss Injection" is adopted in various places to pursue metallic expressions.
  • Equipped with a reflection mechanism of the new technology "Reflection Cut" in the clear parts inside the wing binder.
  • Further precision is added by making the molding color of the external armor a 2-tone color configuration.
  • The head is highly movable with 3 axes. The internal structure allows for directing such as pulling the chin and sticking out the face.
  • With multiple movable axes built into the torso, it can swing left and right, and tilt forward and backward in a wide range of motion.
  • By swinging the hip joints, the range of motion of the legs is greatly increased.
  • A swing mechanism is installed on the shoulder joint to enhance the range of motion of the arm. Equipped with an extension gimmick on the forearm, it is possible to bend the arm deeply.
  • Equipped with interlocking and extension gimmicks on the thighs. When bending the legs, the knee armor and the vernier on the back of the knee work together to ensure a range of motion. In addition, the toes are movable to achieve a natural kneeling even though it is SD.


  • Beam rifle x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Beam saber blade x 2
  • Marking sticker x 1

Original Japanese Description:


  • SDシリーズ史上最高の可動性能及びギミック、圧倒的なディテール表現を詰め込んだ、新次元のSDハイエンドブランド「MGSD」より、フリーダムガンダムが登場!
  • 全高約115mm。内部フレームの多くの部位に可動ギミックを搭載し、なめらかな可動を実現
  • メインカメラ、ツインアイをクリアパーツを使用した二重構造で表現。
  • 各所に新技術「リアルメタリックグロスインジェクション」を採用し、金属表現を追求。
  • ウイングバインダー内部のクリアパーツに新技術「リフレクションカット」の反射機構を搭載。
  • 外部装甲の成形色を2トーンカラー構成にすることでさらなる精密度を上乗せ。
  • 頭部は3軸で大きく可動。顎を引く、顔を突き出すなどの演出が可能な内部構造。
  • 胴体に内蔵した複数の可動軸により、左右のスイング、前傾・後傾の広域な可動を実現。
  • 股関節がスイング可動することで脚部の可動域を大幅アップ。
  • 肩の接続部にはスイング機構を搭載し、腕部の可動範囲を強化。前腕には延長ギミックを搭載し、腕を深く曲げることが可能に。
  • 太ももに連動&延長ギミック搭載。脚を曲げる際に膝アーマーや膝裏バーニアが連動し可動域を確保。さらに、つま先の可動によりSDながらも自然な膝立ちを実現。


  • ビームライフル×1
  • シールド×1
  • ビームサーベル刃×2
  • マーキングシール×1
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful little desk piece!

Though SDs are a bit of quirky line due to proportions, I think Bandai nailed it with this one. Super high level of detail in such a tiny kit makes the building process a very satisfying and fun challenge. The final result is an amazing desk companion! YouTube video placeholder
Jae Y.
Great articulation for a SD

Amazed by the details. Will be preordering the Barbatos

Adam C.
An Amazing first go at MGSD

If you're looking for an SD kit with unprecedented detail, shelf presence despite its size, and articulation, this kit is for you.

I look forward to more kits from this line!

Excellent service

Fair priced and fast shipping. Everything arrived as described and safely packaged.