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MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka

MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka

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1/100 Scale Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: December 1st, 2017

The long-awaited MG Double Zeta Gundam Ver.Ka finally appeared!

  • A wide range of motion of each part and installation of a core / block system, realization of deformation to each form!
  • Shoulder joints are provided with multiple movable axes, securing a movable range that can reproduce action pauses like Double Zeta Gundam.
  • The knee joint makes full use of the latest know-how, reproduces deep [bending] while reproducing complex deformation.
  • Adopting the three-axis structure which had never existed in the waist, it is possible to [twist of waist] [bend forward] while having deformation function.
  • It can be transformed into each form such as G Fortress. Adjust the structure and shape of each part to the limit, pursue a form that seems to be aircraft that eliminated the remnants of humanoids.
  • Two core fighters are attached and the union scene of the opening can be reproduced.
  • Added [Extra Finish] processing to some parts and added a profound feeling that can not be produced with molded items alone.
  • By placing lining parts in places without frames, high detail appearance is realized even when deformed.


  • Double beam · rifle × 1
  • Hyper · Beam · Saber × 2
  • Hand grip (right and left) × 1 each
  • Saber hand (left and right) × 1 each
  • Hand for transformation (right and left) × 1 each
  • Weapon possession (right) × 1
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Customer Reviews

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Jae Y.
Love the design

SOLID CHUNKY KIT. Overall not very posable just like other Ver.Ka model kits but the design on this is absolutely beautiful. 5/5.

Wonderful kit

While they undoubtedly add value to the kit by allowing for alternate modes, they can be fragile and require extra patience. For builders who are less experienced or prefer a straightforward build, these complexities may prove frustrating. However, the end result is undeniably worth the effort.