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MG Zeta Plus [Unicorn Ver.]

MG Zeta Plus [Unicorn Ver.]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: June 2016

From the master grade series, "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" MS, released one after another

  • From "Mobile Suit Gundam UC", the variable MS Zeta Plus is commercialized in the master grade series.
  • Adopting the molding color of the color image at the time of appearance in the play, the beam rifle equipped in the play is included! !

A head part that can reproduce the A2 type is included as a bonus part!

Beam rifle included!

  • Comes with a rifle of the same type as Rezel, which Zeta Plus equips in the UC play.
  • It has a long barrel, and the left and right thighs are equipped with beam cannons.

Rifle carrying equipment gimmick

  • On the side of the wing, the joint parts that carry the beam rifle are reproduced with new modeling.
  • The beam rifle can be jointed in both MS and WR forms.

Adopted the molding color of the color image that appears in the play!

Includes head parts for A2 type reproduction!

  • Comes with a head part equipped with a mega cannon that can reproduce the Zeta Plus A2 type. (Assembly of the head can be selected from the A1 type.)

Variable MS that can transform from MS form to WR form

  • It is possible to transform from mobile suit form to wave rider which is flight form.

Attached Armament: Beam Rifle

Original Japanese Description:


『機動戦士ガンダムUC』より、可変MS ゼータプラスを、マスターグレードシリーズで商品化。




  • ゼータプラスがUC劇中で装備する、リゼルと同型のライフルを付属。
  • 長い砲身をもち、大腿部には左右一門ずつ、ビーム・カノンを搭載している。


  • ウイング側面に、ビーム・ライフルを携行装備するジョイントパーツを新規造形で再現。
  • ビーム・ライフルは、MS形態とWR形態、両形態時にジョイント可能。



  • ゼータプラスA2型を再現できる、メガキャノンを備えた頭部パーツが付属。(頭部の組み立てはA1型と選択式。)


  • モビルスーツ形態から、飛行形態であるウエイブライダーへの変形が可能

付属武装 : ビーム・ライフル  

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