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MG Zeta Gundam 3B TYPE [Gray Zeta]

MG Zeta Gundam 3B TYPE [Gray Zeta]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Gundam Model Kit

Release Date: February 7th, 2015

Appearing in episode 9 of Gundam Evolve and piloted by Shin Matsunaga, the MSZ-006-3B Zeta Gundam 3B Type Gray is one of three variations of the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. Noticeable feature changes include the large beam launcher which has a much higher output than standard beam rifles, as well as beam-deflecting coating throughout the entire body similar to the Hyaku-Shiki.

MSZ-006-3B Z Gundam Unit 3 Type B Gray Zeta, the "Improved Zeta Gundam with increased firepower"

Based on Z Gundam Unit 3, it has been improved with an emphasis on firepower. Along with the weight increase due to armament, the addition of auxiliary thrusters to both legs,

  • Exercise performance has also been improved with large tail stabilizers that expand to the left and right. It is said to be the aircraft on which Gray Wolf boarded,
  • It is commonly called "Gray Zeta", but due to the anti-beam coating applied to the entire fuselage, the fuselage color is yellow.
  • From the OVA "GUNDAM EVOLVE../9", the MSZ-006-3B Zeta Gundam 03 Type B Gray Zeta has been transformed into a Gunpla for the first time!
  • The main body shape and special weapons are reproduced with new modeling, and it also supports deformation gimmicks for wave riders! !  

Reproduce a number of characteristic body armor shapes!

  • Shoulder armor, front armor, side armor, rear armor, forearm armor, leg side armor, tail stabilizer,
  • Reproduce the stabilizer with new molding. In addition to supporting transformation into a wave rider, the characteristic surface mold is also reproduced.

Special weapon for Gray Zeta is included!

  • Gray Zeta's exclusive weapon, Beam Cannon and Mega Gatling are also included with new modeling.
  • Beam Cannon: A large weapon suitable for a unit with enhanced firepower. The total length is 210mm.
  • Mega Gatling: A shield-integrated weapon with a built-in beam machine gun. Used on the left arm.

Transform into a wave rider!

  • It can transform into the atmosphere entry mode wave rider, which is a feature of Zeta Gundam.
  • Due to its large beam cannon and newly shaped tail stabilizer, the impression is significantly different from that of a normal Waverider.

Various markings are included!

  • A coloring sticker (Tetoron sticker) to reproduce the characteristic camouflage pattern, Gray Wolf's personal mark,
  • A slide mark (water transfer type decal) containing a caution mark is included. A foil seal is included for detail expression.

Comes with a special stand that looks like a catapult. Supports both forms of display.

Attached armament:

  • beam cannon
  • Mega Gatling
  • beam saber

Original Japanese Description:

キ ッ ト 化 の 瞬 間

グレイ・ゼータ、ガンプラ初立体化   !

MSZ-006-3B Zガンダム3号機B型 グレイ・ゼータ





OVA『GUNDAM EVOLVE../9」より、MSZ-006-3B ゼータガンダム3号機B型 グレイ・ゼータを、ガンプラで初立体化!



  • 肩アーマー、フロントアーマー、サイドアーマー、リアアーマー、前腕アーマー、脚部サイドアーマー、テールスタビライザー、
  • スタビライザーを新規造形で再現。ウェイブライダーへの変形にも対応する他、特徴的な表面モールドも再現。


  • グレイ・ゼータの専用武器、ビーム・キャノンおよびメガ・ガトリングも新規造形で付属。
  • ビーム・キャノン ・・・ 火力を強化した機体にふさわしい大型の武器。全長は210mm。
  • メガ・ガトリング ・・・ ビーム・マシンガンを内蔵したシールド一体型武装。左腕に装着して使用。


  • ゼータガンダムの特徴である大気圏突入モード・ウェイブライダーへの変形が可能
  • 大型のビーム・キャノン、新規形状のテールスタビライザーなどにより、通常のウェイブライダーと印象が大幅に異なる。


  • 特徴的な迷彩模様を再現するためのカラーリングシール(テトロンシール)と、グレイ・ウルフのパーソナルマークや
  • コーションマークを収録したスライドマーク(水転写式デカール)が付属。 細部表現用には、ホイルシール付属。


付属武装 :

  • ビーム・キャノン

  • メガ・ガトリング

  • ビーム・サーベル

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