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MG Zaku II High Mobility Type [Robert Gilliam Custom]

MG Zaku II High Mobility Type [Robert Gilliam Custom]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: November 2016

The MSV series mobile suits are being steadily introduced into the MG lineup! Here comes the high-mobility Zaku piloted by Colonel Robert Gilliam of the Principality of Zeon's Armed Forces!

Emerging from the shadows!

Colonel Robert Gilliam's Machine

From "Mobile Suit Gundam MSV," the distinctively colored and marked MS-06R-2 Robert Gilliam Custom Zaku II is now available as a 1/100 scale MG model.

  • The unique MSV color scheme and markings are faithfully reproduced with molded colors and water-slide decals!
  • The machine's personal color scheme is faithfully reproduced with molded colors! The color scheme, dominated by blue and yellow, is recreated using color separation in the plastic parts.
  • MSV-specific markings are reproduced with water-slide decals! The markings, including unique lines and symbols, are included on water-slide decals for easy application.
  • The Zaku II body features a wide range of articulation with Ver. 2.0 technology.

A variety of weapons are included to expand the range of poses!

Included armaments:

  • Giant Bazooka
  • Zaku Bazooka
  • Zaku Machine Gun
  • Heat Hawk.
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