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MG Zaku II High Mobility Type [Masaya Nakagawa Custom]

MG Zaku II High Mobility Type [Masaya Nakagawa Custom]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: August 21st, 2017

Meet the MS-06R-1A High Mobility Type Zaku II, expertly piloted by Lieutenant Masaya Nakagawa, belonging to the E-Field Air Defense Battalion at Base A · Bao · Ku Fortress!

  • The log's 1st ENTRY features the thrilling adventures of the ace pilot Masaya Nakagawa and his beloved MS, chronicling captivating WEB plan chases throughout the history of the Universal Century.
  • Be sure to check out Masaya Nakagawa's first posting and learn more about his machine at (Http://
  • This Mobile Suit Gundam MSV model showcases the powerful Masaya Nakagawa Power Ledge High Mobility Type Zaku II in 1/100 scale, a part of the MG series.
  • Meticulously reproduced head parts with characteristic blade antennas feature new shaping, preserving the iconic look.
  • The aircraft's distinct color and markings are faithfully reproduced for this special-purpose machine.
  • The head and shoulder armor's shape is thoroughly recreated with new shaping, maintaining true authenticity.
  • The characteristic blade antenna headpiece receives special attention with accurate new modeling.
  • Shoulder armor with blocked duct parts is also replicated using new components.
  • Personal color and markings are brought to life through molding color and water transfer decals, with a unique tea-based color scheme.
  • The MSV unit contains newly designed water transfer decals featuring unique markings.
  • The Zaku II body boasts Ver. 2.0, offering a wide range of motion for diverse posing options.

It comes equipped with an impressive array of weapons, including the:

  • Giant Bazooka
  • Zak Bazooka
  • Zak Machine Gun
  • Heat Hawk.
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