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MG Rick Dom [Dozle Zabi Custom]

MG Rick Dom [Dozle Zabi Custom]

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Model Kit


This customized MS-09R Rick Dom was designed specifically for Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi, the commander of the Zeon's Space Attack Force. With mobile suit technology steadily advancing on both sides, customized units of newer mobile suits were often given to ace pilots to replace their aging Zaku's which were quickly becoming outmatched by the Federation's expanding mobile suit forces. It is similar to the standard MS-09R Rick Dom, but with a spiked armor on its shoulders and hands, ornate gold engravings and trim all over its frame, and green colored armor. Also, due to Dozle Zabi's huge size, he had to have the cockpit specially enlarged.

For melee combat the Rick Dom is equipped with a special large heat tomahawk. For long range combat, it can use the standard handheld weapons of the Rick Dom. Finally, a scattering beam gun is built into the chest, which is useless for actually damaging an enemy, but is employed as a diversionary weapon for its ability to blind an enemy's eyes and sensors for several moments, a very useful feature when engaging in close combat which Dozle Zabi often preferred.
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