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MG Qubeley Damned

MG Qubeley Damned

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: November 16th, 2018

Kit includes spare parts to restore the original Qubeley look

Build Divers GIMM & BALL's World Challenge "

" Gundam Build Divers "official website ( is now being serialized!

From "Gundam Build Divers GIMM & BALL's World Challenge", his Qubeley customized Gunpla "Qubeley Damned" master grade series is now available!

  • Reproduce the bewitching design of each part with new modeling The exterior with improved details such as the head and arms is reproduced with new modeling.
  • In addition, new parts for the body and legs sublimate into a more terrifying silhouette.
  • The shape and mold with improved head and arm details are three-dimensionalized by new modeling.
  • New parts for the body and legs  make it a more terrifying silhouette.
  • Reproduce the impressive huge manipulator with new modeling parts Reproduce the huge manipulator that is disproportionate to life with new modeling parts.
  • A ball joint is used at the fingertips of the five fingers. Achieves movable opening and closing of hands.
  • Comes with the main armament of "Qubeley Damned"
  • The funnel pod can be equipped with 10 funnels.
  • Comes with a clear pink beam effect. The beam saber is replaceable and can be attached to both arms.
  • Comes with a water transfer type decal including the original design.

Attached armament: Beam Saber / Funnel

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