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MG Prototype Gouf

MG Prototype Gouf

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Master Grade 1/100 Premium Bandai Model Kit

YMS-07 Prototype Gouf starts up! 
From “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV,” following the J-type Zaku, the prototype MS for land battles : Prototype Gouf, is released in Master Grade.
The form of the mobile suit’s characteristic head and chest armor are reproduced in new molding.
The impressive color of the MSV’s familiar image is reproduced in colored molding.
Each of the Prototype Gouf’s characteristic parts are reproduced!     
Characteristic parts such as the head, chest armor, backpack, leg armor are reproduced in new molding
The characteristic color from the MSV image is reproduced with color separation according to MG standard.       
  • Head: The head is reproduced in a specific form different from the regular Zaku/Gouf. The visor receates the appearance of the MSV image by clear orange parts.
  • Chest armor: The details in new form of the chest armor are recreated with ample moldings. The cockpit includes an open and close structure with clear orange parts.
  • Backpack: The characteristic form of the backpack, which includes three nozzles, is assembled with new parts.       
  • Leg armor: In order to enhance the mobility, the leg armor which assembled with auxiliary propulsion system, is reproduced in new form.   
The unique markings of the MSV body are reproduced with water slide decals! Includes MSV body’s unique line markings with the new designed water slide decals. Also includes the optional Gouf Lady markings together with the number, caution marks and military marks.
Includes various weapons for different poses!
Besides changing the Manipulator's form, hand weapons Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, and Heat Hawk are included.
Ver.2.0 Frame is used, with terrific mobility and proportions!   
Weapons : Zaku Bazooka / Zaku machine gun / Heat Saber / Heat Hawk / Shield  
1/100 scale assembly plastic model For ages 15 and up.
Primary materials: ・PS・PE・ABS
No adhesives required for assembly
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