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MG Powered GM

MG Powered GM

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1/100 Scale Premium Bandai Master Grade Model Kit

Release Date: July 2016

"RGM-79 Powered Gym" is finally available in Master Grade from 'Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory.' This highly anticipated kit thoroughly reproduces distinctive features with new molds!

Meticulous Reproduction of Distinctive Features:

  • Chest Armor: Characterized by four ducts, the chest armor is faithfully reproduced with color-separated parts.
  • Backpack: Replicates the real shape of enhanced thrust with multiple thrusters, jet nozzles, and an integrated tank. Rivet marks and other fine details are molded for added realism.
  • Back of Knees: Utilizes varnish tubes for the energy cables.
  • Ankle Armor: Captures the distinctive rear shape of the ankle armor.

Rich Arsenal:

  • Hyper Bazooka: Features deployable barrel gimmick, allowing easy transformation between stored and deployed states.
  • 90mm Machine Gun: Depicts a supple form through the combination of multiple parts. Parts for length adjustment are included.
  • GM Rifle: Optional assembly allows for different configurations.
  • Beam Saber: Standard close combat weapon.
  • Beam Spray Gun: Versatile beam weapon.
  • Shield: Can be carried on the left arm and replicates the storage state of the Heat Rod at the tip. Different tips allow for an expanded appearance.

New Design Water Decals Included:

  • Numbering, caution marks, military insignias, and Trinton Base unit markings are all part of the set.

Internal Frame with PS Material: Adopted for joint parts.

This Powered Gym kit offers an extensive array of weapons, striking details, and water transfer decals for a complete and authentic modeling experience!

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